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 From:  Adam Nellemann <adam at nellemann dot nu>
 To:  Dinesh Nair <dinesh at alphaque dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Beta 1.1b10
 Date:  Sun, 30 May 2004 17:57:40 +0200
Dinesh Nair wrote:

> On Sun, 30 May 2004, Adam Nellemann wrote:
>>Huh, strange? I don't seem to have this problem with my 1.1b10
>>(generic-pc with DHCP'ed but static IP through ADSL).
> odd, i can reproduce it at will on the net48xx image, which i'm using.

Hmm, can you tell me what exactly you do to repoduce this (is a simple 
ping to any WAN host enough, or..?)

> i've got the following
> 1. no dns servers in system general setup
> 2. enabled Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN
> 3. enabled DNS forwarder.
> 4. disabled Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder
> 5. WAN interface type is set to DHCP (not PPPoE).

This is the exact same as my setup!?! VERY strange that we shouldn't 
see the same behaviour?!?

Might it be that the generic-pc image doesn't have this problem for 
some strange reason? (I'm running m0n0wall on an old P3 in a minitower 
case, with an IDE<=>CF adaptor and way too much RAM, while I wait for 
my own net4801 to arrive...)