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 From:  Adam Nellemann <adam at nellemann dot nu>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] Traffic Shaper and other things
 Date:  Wed, 09 Jun 2004 16:33:35 +0200
Quark IT - Hilton Travis wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just reading through documentation on the FreeBSD dummynet that m0n0wall
> uses for its traffic shaper so I can get a better understanding of its use
> (in general, and in m0n0wall in particular) and I have a few questions, some
> of which have been asked before in the users list, and some of which I can't
> find in my email archive here.
> 1. I have 4 pipes and 4 queues (one disabled) defined in the m0n0wall
> Traffic Shaper in my test setup.  The configuration, although silly (in
> hindsight) works as intended and before I change it to something a lot more
> sensible, I decided to have a look at the ipfw output from the settings as
> they stand:
>     $ ipfw list
>     50000 allow ip from to any
>     50001 allow ip from any to
>     50002 queue 2 ip from to any out via ng0
>     50003 queue 3 ip from any to out via sis0
>     50004 queue 4 ip from to any out via ng0
>     65535 allow ip from any to any
>    Now, with my current Traffic Shaper settings, this all corresponds,
> except for the fact that there are none of my Pipes shown in the ipfw
> listing, nor are any queues referring the Pipes.
>    Can anyone explain these things?  Do Pipes *only* show up in the "ipfw
> pipes show" command?
> 2. Will there be an "Advanced" or similar option for the "mask" employed in
> the future?  The dummynet "mask" is a very powerful part of the whole
> traffic shaping functionality, and this has been seriously limited in the
> m0n0wall interface.  I really like the "source" and "destination" settings -
> they make it easy for applying simple masking - but they also limit the
> masking functionality for those who'd like to make more use of the power
> this feature offers.  This could be achieved by adding another entry to the
> "mask" dropdown, allowing "advanced" and having the user choose checkboxes
> for the "mask" properties (i.e. proto, src-ip, dst-ip, src-port, dst-port),
> and then enter the required values in text fields next to these checkboxes.
> One idea, anyway
> 3. The order of the tabs seems illogical to me.  Rules generally apply to
> queues that generally feed into pipes.  The current tab order of Rules,
> Pipes, Queues doesn't follow this logic - I think that last two tabs need to
> be switched.
> 4. Would there be any interest in a 4th tab - Advanced - where the
> administrator can configure the more advanced functionality of dummynet?
> There are a number of parameters that can be altered to tune dummynet
> performance on your machine, such as sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass, but the
> general user will probably be happy to leave these at their default values.
> I'm sure that users of Soekris boxes and other systems with limited
> resources would welcome these advanced additions.  I'd sure like to be able
> to process traffic not only by IP, but also by protocol after it is shaped
> by IP.  Would be really nice, that!
> 5. The ability to set the queue size on individual Pipes would be rather
> handy for those people on slowish links.  As the default is ideal for
> Ethernet connections, and as few of us have a 10 mbps or faster link to the
> Internet, being able to manually change the queue size on all created Pipes
> would be a rather nice feature.  This would be especially useful for those
> of us on slower ADSL links such as 512/128 kbps or 256/64 kbps.
> 6. Adding the "plr" field would be a great feature - it would enable all
> users worldwide to feel like they are on the Telstra broadband network.  A
> similar effect could be achieved by randomly blocking all outbound traffic
> to any:25/TCP and any:110/TCP.  :)
> 7. Scheduled rules.  For home users in particular, it would be really nice
> to be able to have rules automatically enabled/disabled according to a given
> schedule - for example, the SOHO PCs get more highly weighted during
> business hours, and the home/game machines get more heavily weighted after
> hours.  This could be used for general firewall rules as well, not just
> traffic shaping rules.
> 8. Aliases - is there any chance that these can be shown in a dropdown?
> This would make it significantly easier, as the aliases are case sensitive,
> and sometimes with a long list of aliases it can be hard to remember all the
> aliases in the list.  Of course, being able to also type into this box would
> be essential.
> 9. Aliases revisited.  It would also be really nice to be able to configure
> port ranges as an alias to enhance the list that m0n0wall provides by
> default (ftp, ssh, telnet, smtp, dns, http, pop3, imap, https).  This could
> be done in a second tab, and would allow people to configure their own
> aliases such as rdp (3189), 2k3rdp (4125), vnc (5900), pcanyone (5631-5632),
> and so on.
> 10. MAC filtering is possible in ipfw, but not implemented in m0n0wall.
> This could also be as option that many users could find useful - especially
> those who wish to shape a particular user that they don't have much other
> control over, such as students and so on.
> 11. Enable/Disable - in the Traffic Shaper,  Firewall and maybe even NAT
> sections, it would be *really* nice to have the enable/disable checkbox on
> the list, not on the individual "edit" pages.  This would allow much easier
> editing of these rules, and would quite probably make life much easier for
> the "scheduled rules" people, especially if someone's writing code to make
> mass changes.

Just wanted to add my vote for all the above. with the possible 
exception of 6. and 11. since the latter has already been implemented 
in the beta, and the former seem to be mainly a joke ;)