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 From:  Adam Nellemann <adam at nellemann dot nu>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Possible webGUI bug?
 Date:  Mon, 14 Jun 2004 00:05:26 +0200

Since upgrading to 1.1b13 some hours ago, the webGUI has "crashed" on 
me a few times. That is the webGUI will, typically after working fine 
for a while, suddenly stop responding (IE gives me the "this page is 
no longer available on the server..." mumbojumbo). Everything else 
appear to go on working (that is, I can still access the WAN, and 
m0n0wall will still respond to a ping).

Might this be related to the new httpd connection limit thingie? (I 
certainly hope that I was the only "user" at the time of the crashes, 
as I've otherwise got a much more serious problem! But I don't know if 
one use, using IE, can account for more than one "connection", 
although I should think it unlikly that the webGUI should cause so 
many connections to be established, as to invoke the new limitation?!?)

Sorry that I can't give you any kind of "how-to-reproduce" (other than 
navigating around in the webGUI for a while.) There doesn't appear to 
be any specific page causing this (first time I was navigating from 
the DHCP log tab to the firewall log tab, the second time was on some 
other page enterily, don't remember which, might have been the graph 
page though?) However, since it has already happened twice, only a 
couple of hours after I installed beta 13, and after even less time 
spent in the webGUI, I guess it shouldn't be too hard to reproduce 
(that is, unless it is something specefic to my setup?!?)

Apart from these recent ones, I haven't experienced a single webGUI 
crash since Manuel fixed the problem with double-clicking the 
Apply/Save buttons (which was related to accessing the config.xml 
file, rather than the webGUI itself, and this time I wasn't updating 
anything when the crashes happened!) Thus I must assume the bug has 
been introduced in the latest beta (as I've updated to each beta as 
they were released, without having this problem before the current 

By the way: I've been running with the captive portal enabled for some 
time, but the host from which I'm doing my webGUI'ing is listed in 
both the MAC and the IP whitelists. Dunno if this have anything to do 
with it (I will now try to disable it, and see if I still get 
"crashes", I'll let you know along the way...)

Let me know if I can supply any further information?