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 From:  Uli Wachowitz <uli at wach dash o dash witz dot de>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  display name of used config
 Date:  Thu, 06 Oct 2005 15:15:04 +0200

this is a feature request. But before asking for it, i would like
to explain our situation first and ask your comments.

Our M0n0walls are part of a testing enviroment. Often we have to
switch between slightly different setups a couple of times each
day. Right now we are using  pre-saved configs, adding new ones,
etc. Those are saved with their original names when downloaded
from the M0n0walls so that we can use the date/time part of their
names as reference numbers. A list describes all those versions
and their different "features", which version is active on
machine A,B,C and so on. You get the picture...

Usually this works very well. But sometimes, especially when
somebody forgets to make the relevant entries in those list, you
sit there, scratching your head and wondering which of those
configs is active on the machine your are looking right now.

So here is my idea:
A new field, maybe on the "Diagnostics: Backup/restore" page,
called ie. "Description". This description is saved within the
configuration and later, if this config is uploaded again,
displayed at the status page. So it would be quite easy to find
out what version of config a machine is running.

Or, as a different approach, the name of the uploaded config can
be displayed.

And what about making this information accessible via SNMP?

Those are just my basic ideas. What do you think?


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