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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall-dev] Re[3]: The future
 Date:  Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:28:11 -0400
I am running a 600MHz Celeron 1U box with 64MB of RAM on a 100 Megabit line
to an OC-12 (>100Mbit/sec) in a datacenter. (Memory can be upgraded no
problem)  Between interfaces internally, I've gotten around 60 Mbit/sec
through the firewall.  Internet traffic is typically under 1 Megabit/sec
though, so no stats on max speed to the outside.  I'm running m0n0wall 1.0.


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Am Donnerstag, den 13.10.2005, 05:20 +0400 schrieb Pavel A. Grodek:

> As I wrote in item e), technical issues (such as speed, for example, 
> or even wireless support) are definitely important right now - and 
> that's why m0n0wall 1.2 is not based on OpenBSD.
Are they? The last survey tells me another story. 64% people having no
wireless card installed at all. Speed? Most people are running m0n0wall on
HW with a CPU greater than 300MHz, powering a 1-6Mbit/s line with that. 

Manuel, a new survey would really bring us more acurate results.


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