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 From:  "nickolas" <sui underscore twc at adelaide dot on dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  PPPoE - advanced reconnect options
 Date:  Sun, 12 Feb 2006 15:51:36 +1030

First, I'd like to say, m0n0wall - I love you. Divorce papers have been filed against IPCop :-) In
every way, I have to say I love it, but that's another story. There's just one issue which I think
is in the right category here, development. 

In Australia, Telstra's DSL network allows you to connect via PPPoA, or PPPoE (you can get bridged
connections requiring PPP but these are the two most common). Maintenance is carried out by Telstra
regularly and sometimes involves small outages overnight. This presents a problem to those out there
who use PPPoE, but not PPPoA.

The problem is that there is a setting on Telstra's network that, if your PPPoE client (be it,
modem, router etc.) hammers away trying to authenticate while the DSL is down, Telstra will block
the MAC address of the (NIC, router?) trying to connect. This leaves you without DSL for a day or
two until the 'lockout' is reset. This only affects PPPoE users out there, as with PPPoA, well,
there's no MAC to block.

Which brings me to two questions; 

1) How does m0n0wall handle a disconnection? - I have read that it uses LCP echo requests to see if
the connection is still up - and after 5 or so, it will then begin the process of reconnection. But
what follows? Does it constantly retry, or does its rate of attempts slow down if it still can't
reconnect after x minutes?

2) As mentioned, I came from IPCop. So far, I love every aspect of m0n0wall - but just one more
thing might be handy. On the WAN interface page, under sub-section PPPoE, would it be possible to
implment something similar to http://www.ipcop.org/1.4.0/en/admin/images/ppp_settings.png,
specfically under Reconnection: hold off time,  maximum retries. ?

Of course (2) depends on the answer to (1), also I realise m0n0wall provides the feature to spoof
the MAC of the WAN, which will resolve getting back on should one's MAC be blocked by Telstra, or
any other provider that runs this 'feature'. However, I was thinking of the 'prevention vs cure'

Thanks for your time,