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 From:  Kendrick Vargas <ken at hudat dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] FreeBSD 6, DHCP Question...
 Date:  Sun, 18 Jun 2006 15:47:41 -0400
Jonathan De Graeve wrote:
>>Anyways, I spent last night hacking up the globals.inc and copying files
>>over from my router to my linux box so I can work on the webgui code. I
>>am looking to rework the DHCP configuration stuff. I'm curious though
>>(because I couldn't find it in the documentation), what exactly is the
>>DHCP Relay, and is it supposed to be able to be on with the DHCP Server
>>on at the same time? From what I can gather, it relays DHCP requests
>>from the specified interface to the WAN to let whatever on the WAN to
>>serve the requests? So I'm thinking it shouldn't be on at the same time
>>as the DHCP server for a given interface... right?
> Don't take this the wrong way but I would think if you don't know what
> DHCP relay is, you better leave programming interfaces for DHCP
> configuration until you know.
> A book explaining DHCP will help you a lot.

Well, my primary goal is actually to modify the interface to allow the
m0n0 admin to add custom options on subnet and host definitions. So long
as they think they know what they're doing I figure they should have the
option. For the full featured DHCP server that's installed on the box,
it's decidedly under-configurable :-) I basically ran into a situation
recently where I needed to set up a PXE boot to install mvpmc onto my
Hauppauge MediaMVP, and I didn't want to have to install DHCP on my
linux server to do it. I ended up modifying my m0n0 images to add
dropbear ssh and the shell tools and then logging in manually, modifying
the dhcp config, and restarting the dhcp server on the box. I'd just
like to be able to do that from the web interface and not lose the
config with a reboot :-)

Don't get me wrong, I'm also doing this as an exercise to learn more
about DHCP. I posed the question because I'm just starting down this
road, and later tonight I'll probably be doing plenty of google
searching and reading of the ISC dhcpd documentation. But I think I know
enough about dhcp that even at the basic level, my mods will be useful
to the m0n0 community at large. Just trying to help.