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 From:  Kendrick Vargas <ken at hudat dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] FreeBSD 6, DHCP Question...
 Date:  Sun, 18 Jun 2006 23:35:12 -0400
Lee Sharp wrote:
> From: "Kendrick Vargas" <ken at hudat dot com>
>> Anyways, I spent last night hacking up the globals.inc and copying files
>> over from my router to my linux box so I can work on the webgui code. I
>> am looking to rework the DHCP configuration stuff. I'm curious though
>> (because I couldn't find it in the documentation), what exactly is the
>> DHCP Relay, and is it supposed to be able to be on with the DHCP Server
>> on at the same time? From what I can gather, it relays DHCP requests
>> from the specified interface to the WAN to let whatever on the WAN to
>> serve the requests? So I'm thinking it shouldn't be on at the same time
>> as the DHCP server for a given interface... right?
> Let's say that you have a routed network.  And a massive DHCP server. 
> DHCP relay will pass DHCP requests up the chain to the big server,
> tagged with where it came from so it gives the proper scope on the
> return.  So your guess is correct.

Ok... Cool. I was thinking of reworking the interface for the DHCP stuff
so that there was only 1 item in the left menu labeled "DHCP" and get
rid of the distinction in that menu. Seems only logical to put all the
DHCP settings on one DHCP link. And if you can't/shouldn't have a DHCP
Relay and Server for the same interface, then actually make it a switch.
for that particular interface (or something like that). I think that
would make it a little more idiot proof and less confusing looking (cuz
the way it's set up now made me think there was some other sorta
relaying going on that I had no clue about).

I'm thinking of having 1 page with either two or three tabs. I was
thinking of either two tabs named "Server" and "Hosts" where the server
would have the individual interface settings and the hosts would have
the host settings. I was thinking more about 3 tabs where the first tab
would be really general DHCP settings, the second tab would be the
interface specific (subnets, maybe groups, etc), and the third tab would
be host settings (list of hosts per interface, custom settings, etc).

Though... right now I'm really just mucking around amongst all the settings.