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 From:  Jim Thompson <jim at netgate dot com>
 To:  "Alex M" <radiussupport at lrcommunications dot net>
 Cc:  "Mono Dev List" <m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] WRAP hardware for people working on 6.1 port
 Date:  Mon, 28 Aug 2006 17:10:03 -1000
On Aug 28, 2006, at 5:03 PM, Alex M wrote:

>> "Your desktop should have an i2c port in it somewhere already.   its
>> used to read the ram timing of the dimms "
> Ok, definetly never seen a conector for I2C on my motherboard, if  
> there is
> no connector how can I find it? How can I find info about IRQ its  
> address?

I'd start poking around the 'lmsensors' project.  see here, for  
example: http://www.lm-sensors.org/wiki/HardwareHacking

>> Same thing as the array of LEDs.   You make the pitch of the tone go
>> up (or the duration of the break between tones go down)
>> as the RSSI goes up.
>> That way you can hear it without opening the case.  :-)
> Sure, do you want buzzele to produce the noise all the time? If not  
> there
> should be a button to activate it to check the signal, but then if  
> I have
> opening for the button I can add LEDs... I see your point but its  
> not yet
> convincing me especially because I have to put extra frequency  
> generator and
> or more expansive controller $1.5 increase I cost for extra part is  
> extra
> $1500 for my lot :-(

No, you'ld want to be able to turn it off (the software would write  
values over the i2c bus to make the speaker turn on/off.).
You'ld also want to be able to use the same PZ speaker for more than  
one radio, but again, this is just software.