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 From:  Knut Stumberg <non dash ice at non dash ice dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] Captive Portal Features request
 Date:  Mon, 05 Feb 2007 18:52:01 +0100
Hi again

Thanks for all the answers.

The reason i want this using the local usermanager in m0n0wall is reliability.
Using a centrilized authserver or *radiusserver i would have to rely on all
these factors:
The customers internetconnection, my connection (into the radius server) and the
additional radius server harware and software.
Those are 4 extra factors I don't want to make extra downtime for my customers.

The idea is to put "everything" into one box and let it do its job with little
to no dependencies on other hardware/software/connections.

I know there are other systems both commercially and freely available that does
But i just love m0n0wall so much and it would be very nice to run this on a WRAP
or similar board.

Knut Stumberg

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From: "Knut Stumberg" <non dash ice at non dash ice dot com>
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Subject: [m0n0wall-dev] Captive Portal Features request


Before i start i have to apologize for my poor english and limited articulation.
I'm from Norway and my native language is not English.


As for the last year i have been working in the consultant business. And the
question that keeps popping up is
for a system to sell minutes and hours of internet connectivity to customers in
hotels, café's and similar institutions.
I have had a look in the m0n0 source but since i'm not a PHP programmer nor have
very good experience i havent tampered with it.
But as i have read the source its obvius to me that this can be done with

The outline of the system will be something like this:

An admin page that you put up the different products like 30 min access, 60 min
access and 2 hours for example (up to several days).
And a page for the cachier to use when a customers orders access where the
cashier simply click the requested "product" and get a page with login info for
the customer that he can print and give to the customer. what would be very nice
too is if this could be printed using a "standard" type of a serial
printer/labelmaker or something.

The Cashiers page will generate usernames and passwords (for the local user
manager in m0n0wall) that expire when the time is up.
The security for this does not ned more than 4-5 chars for password and maybe a
Standard username the the admin selects (ie. the name of the hotel or cafe)

Knut Stumberg

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