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 From:  "Frank Edwards" <fedwards at internode dot on dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  1.3b2 - IP fragments not passed
 Date:  Sat, 21 Jul 2007 11:24:48 +1000
I've taken a look at the fragment bug with 1.3b2 and tracked this down to
the following fix.
What I observe is that IP packets marked as fragments, with offsets not
equal to zero (i.e. marked by ipfilter with flag FI_FRAGBODY) arrive on the
WAN interface OK but are dropped by ipfilter in function fr_check() (fil.c).
Net result - connections hang when inbound fragmentation is occurring.
This occurs when the call to fr_addstate() is made, even though the packet's
forwarding rule has been set to pass by the NAT & firewall processing.
fr_addstate() will always return NULL for any packet passed with
FI_FRAGBODY. fr_check then blocks these packets based on the NULL return
from fr_addstate.
So the proposed fix is as follows (this is patched against the
monowall-patched fil.c). 
I've tested this fix using 1.3b2 based on RELENG_6_2.
--- fil.c.orig Sat Jul 21 10:38:29 2007
+++ fil.c Sat Jul 21 10:38:55 2007
@@ -2488,7 +2488,7 @@
   * Here rather than fr_firewall because fr_checkauth may decide
   * to return a packet for "keep state"
- if ((pass & FR_KEEPSTATE) && !(fin->fin_flx & FI_STATE)) {
+ if ((pass & FR_KEEPSTATE) && !(fin->fin_flx & FI_STATE) && !(fin->fin_flx
   if (fr_addstate(fin, NULL, 0) != NULL) {
   } else {