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 From:  Jayden Phillips <trainguy77 at shaw dot ca>
 To:  Junior Gillespie <junior dot gillespie at gmail dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] m0n0AP - m0n0Cored Project Launch
 Date:  Fri, 03 Aug 2007 16:48:06 -0600
Well why not keep the name m0n0wall. As its still going to be the  
same thing just with more modular design am i correct? I think we  
need to be sure to get a team going with different people having  
different responsibilities or the same thing will happen where its  
very few people running the ship they did a great job but we don't  
want to burn them out. I am willing to setup the forum once its  
installed on a forum. However, I am not any good at web design, so  
did we want to redesign the entire page? and why? I am not really a  
developer but i am very technically minded so i am willing to help  
with user guides forums whatever else needs being done. By the way i  
am leaving tommorow for 2 weeks so if your wondering why i don't  
respond thats why.


On 3-Aug-07, at 4:35 PM, Junior Gillespie wrote:

> Everyone,
> Were ever more closer to launch of the new m0n0AP/m0n0Cored project  
> with
> feedback and assistance from many! I'm very excited to get this  
> project
> underway, and look forward to development of this project.
> Here are the minimal requirements I think we need and are starting  
> with for
> development:
>    - Web presence
>    - SVN
>    - Forum
> Some other things that I don't see to be necessity at the moment,  
> unless I
> get enough requests:
>    - IRC
>    - Mailing List
>    - Build environment
>    - Individual development environments
>    - Hardware (embedded boards & appliances)
> We look to be moving toward a Multi-OS solution where various  
> architectures
> can be utilized. This in my opinion sounds like a good idea,  
> however, could
> be an issue in maintaining. What is everyone's opinion on this matter?
> Another matter at hand, is what do we want to call this new  
> project? Do we
> want to create a new image/name? Yes, we will still be a project  
> inspired by
> m0n0wall and based off of m0n0wall/m0n0Cored, however we need to  
> look at the
> options. We'll need a design for our web presence as well, and I  
> know we
> have many great web developers, so we need to start getting some ideas
> together, and maybe some screenshots and take a vote.
> Thanks to all,
> Junior