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 From:  "Gouverneur, Thomas" <tgouverneur at be dot tiauto dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Cc:  "Constant, Benjamin" <bconstant at be dot tiauto dot com>, "Renier, Jacques" <jrenier at be dot tiauto dot com>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall-dev] m0n0wall-CMI 1.0-RC1 is out!
 Date:  Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:25:00 +0100
Wow, lot of anwser here,

I'll try to answer you all in a single mail, don't hesitate to contact
any further if needed. -- Also think about the m0n0wall-cmi mailing list
;) --

>>So what happens with hidden config options?

They are not handled for now. Not because it is hard to do, but simply
because it was not a critical thing at start. As said, the m0n0wall-CMI
was first developed to answer internal needs within TI. Of course, it is
not a finished product, and of course it will evolve with time :)

>>I know there planty things that require sending commands and
executiong >>bash scripting when editing settings.
>>Updating XMP is one part, executing scripts behind the XML is another.

I don't follow you here? What do you mean? That the m0n0wall interface
needs to execute bash scripts while updating config? If that's your
point, I don't think so, as everything is XML based for the config.

>>Also batch editing is what im looking fore, we got 300 boxes

That's something planned for later releases. The plan is to have a kind
of PHP daemon (let's stick up with PHP after all :)) to push
configuration on multiple hosts and the interface will send command to
this daemon. This would also improve the fluidity of the GUI (no need to
wait for the push to complete).

>>However, once I know it won't break my hidden options I will dump them
in, >>and brows the database directly.

It will, for sure :) But please keep in mind this is an early release
not intended for production use (yet!). The goal here is to spot the
more bugs we could in the interface to have a clean start for
improvements. Also, the goal of this public release was to see if there
were some interested people. And maybe also some other people willing to
contribute (code :D). I'm alone to code everything in there and feel a
bit lonely ;)

>>It should be easy to make new SQL queries to change things in batch.

Of course, it's the goal too ;) I don't know if you have ever see
checkpoint firewall interface (commercial). The goal would be to cope
more and more with this interface where everything is object and can be
linked. (So a rule is not a unique thing and can be applied to many

>>Major props to Thomas and the tiauto people for doing this.

Thanks a LOT :)

>>Will this also manage Pfsense boxes?

Not plan for now, but feel free to contribute ;) Personally, I've never
see the kind of XML find Pfsense is using, I know basically that it is
based on m0n0wall, so nothing sounds impossible here...

Don't hesitate to post on m0n0wall-CMI mailing list your most wanted
features that, at your point of you, should be implemented ASAP. It will
maybe help me to put some priorities :)

If I forget something in this answer don't hesitate also to
hurt^H^H^H^Hmail-me back.. :)


Thomas Gouverneur -- UNIX Team -- TI Automotive
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