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 From:  daniele_dll <d dot albano at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] Remote Administration and Webservices
 Date:  Sun, 30 Mar 2008 01:23:02 +0100
2008/3/29, Lee Sharp <leesharp at hal dash pc dot org>:
> I am not trying to discourage you in any way, but I am pointing out some
> things you might want to consider.


suggestion are every welcome!

daniele_dll wrote:
> > It isin't the same!
> >
> > A desktop application can:
> > - advise the system administrator in real time with a visual message,
> sms or
> > e-mail if a firewall goes down (the administrator can manage more
> firewalls
> > throught vpn)
> Got that.  It also monitors my managed desktops, and access points.
> Monitoring and notification cane be done with many products, and yours
> will only monitor one part of the network.  You might want to spend your
> time elsewhere.

true, but if the application is integrated with the firewall it can advise
not only if the machine goes down but if a service has problems ... if disks
are full ... if memory is full ... if bandwith is full and so on

> - execute scriptable tasks (in this case using C#, VB.NET, PHP, LUA or any
> > .NET supported language)
> Scripts are handy.  There are some good scripts with curl out there now.
>   Keep in mind that many of use do not use Windows.  A web based app can
> be used by everyone, but a Widows app can not.  If you make a Windows
> console, I will encourage you and applaud you, but I can never run it,
> or bug it.  I don't do Windows.  (Well I support it, but it ain't on any
> system of mine...)

Well, that's true, but the good of .NET is that Mono is sufficent stable
(excluding the Windows Forms stuff :)) on linux, freebsd and mac os x

If you haven't lastest packages you can use the mono installer!

So if you use linux or freebsd you will only need to install mono or simply
use the one shipped with the application (under linux and mac os x).

> - simulate permission managment like give only access to machine
> > status/online-offline to a first-level-administrator and so on
> This is built into the GUI, so you may want to leverage that.  Depending
> on the user/pass to access the machine, you will have limited access.
> You just have to make you system handle missing pages cleanly.

I missed it :) I used it really few ... good less work :D

> Having a multi-gui system (.NET Windows Forms on Windows, GTK# on Gnome,
> QT#
> > on KDE, cocoa# on Mac OS X) will lead a FULL INTEGRATION  with any OS
> This sound good, but may be more work than you think.  However, you will
> get more help here. :)

i make a little schema, it should be so hard because the application will
dinamically load the assembly that contains all UI code for the specific
toolkit using something like



and so on

and when the application will need a specific form it simply call something

The returned object will extend the form/window class for the toolkit and
will extend a specific abstract class too that will let the application to
set hooks for internal "events" in that way i can mantain the application
code into the main assemblies and the specific toolkit ui code into the
separated assemblies

Another abstract class will implement traslation stuff using gettext

This is the first idea i had, but there are a tons of solutions :D

> There are a lot of advantages with a desktop application because let the
> > administrator to integrate remote system with local datas with
> statistics
> > and so on!
> The disadvantage is back to your monitoring and notification.  It only
> works when running, so you have to have it on a server anyway...

nono, absolutily not!

The application must be installed on a monitoring computering and will
monitor any maching you will configure (naturally these machines will need a
specific package installed)

Theorically i can use parse the HTML to do the stuff, but is too risky: a
change to the theme and nothing more will work!

> I've started to work on the application, i'm writing the code base for the
> > multi-gui system and scriptable tasks, when i'll complete this i'll
> start to
> > write the webservice for the system but it would be great if someone
> with
> > experience in package doing for m0n0wall will help :)
> If you create a list, I will sign up.  Good full featured management
> apps are the only thing m0n0 is lacking.


I hope tomorrow to set up a google project with all ideas around this app

I've few spare time but i hope to write some base code to do a couple of
test for interaction