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 From:  Ray Soucy <rps at maine dot edu>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  DHCPv6 support in current beta
 Date:  Sat, 18 Jul 2009 23:41:14 -0400
Has anyone verified that the configuration generated for dhcp6s is
actually functional?
I did some poking and I don't think the configuration files that are
generated will actually work (I would need to verify this on another
box, though).

The relevant code seems to be the services_dhcp6s_configure() function
in /etc/inc/services.inc

For me, it generates something like the following:


option domain-name "soucy.org";
option domain-name-servers 2610:48:200:800:1:0:0:1;

interface sis1 {
       preference 255;
       address-pool poolsis1 7200 86400;

pool poolsis1 {
       range 2610:48:200:800:1:0:0:64 to 2610:48:200:800:1:0:0:C7 ;

host m0n0wall {
       duid 00:00:24:cc:08:2d;
       address 2610:48:200:800:1:0:0:1 infinity;


From everything I can find online, though, I believe there are a few
errors: I think the pool information needs to be defined within an
interface definition; I think the prefix is likely required; and I
believe the range statement expects a / followed by the prefix size
for the 2nd address.

I've never configured dhcp6s before so I haven't verified any of this.

I'm willing to do some leg work and submit a change for it if nobody
is already working on it.  I'd just like to know if it actually works
for others before I assume its the config that is the problem (could
also be an issue of not joining the correct mcast group to get the


Ray Soucy
Communications Specialist

+1 (207) 561-3526

Communications and Network Services

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