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 From:  "Leonard E. Nielsen" <leonard underscore nielsen at ins dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Patching FreeBSD 4.10
 Date:  Sat, 11 Sep 2004 00:09:37 -0500
I am modifying monowall for use as a WAN emulator and I need to add the 
kernel HZ=1000 option to improve the delay granularity. I am applying the 
kernel patches (410) and I am getting errors with three of them:

ipnatmss.patch is trying to patch a file mlf_ipl.c that does not exist. 
Then it patches a file named mlfk_ipl.c that does exist and that patch 
works. Is this an either/or type patch?

ip_fil3.4.33-icmpcks-fix.diff and ip_state.c.patch fails. They also seem to 
be modifying the ipfilter code.

I am building this off of the 4.10 ISO image and I did not do a cvsup prior 
to trying the patches (box has no Internet access)

Is there an easier way to add the HZ=1000 option?

I am learning a lot about FreeBSD but time is short...