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 From:  Falcor <falcor at netassassin dot com>
 To:  Bryan Catlin <bryancatlin at connectgroup dot net>
 Cc:  M0n0wall Dev List <m0n0wall dash dev at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] grow cf card partitions
 Date:  Tue, 21 Dec 2004 17:02:46 -0600
Bryan Catlin wrote:

>I installed the Wrap image on a 128Mb CF Card and was wondering is there a
>way to grow the partitions on the CF card so I can put some other things in
>there?  I saw a growfs command and wondered if that can be used on the CF
>I'd like ssh and possibly ftp or snmp/mrtg so I can use it as a monitor
>also.  I'd like to be able to have a web page with very simplistic status of
>the network and interfaces without giving up any real information going out.
>Like if the back haul goes down I'd like customers to still be able to goto
>a status page to see what is up and what is down.
>Also possibly a local portal type page.  Just dynamic weather and info
>pulled from other sites mostly.
>Best Regards,
The easiest way I can think of is to mount the image on a freebsd 
system.  Then create a new virtual partition that is the size of your CF 
card (or however big you want it.)  CP the data from the mounted image 
to the partition (which would also be mounted) and then close it.  This 
will recreate the image on a now larger partition file.  I think you 
need to keep in mind the amount of RAM in your server.  Most of us use a 
soekris, so this isn't wize as the CF card is bigger then the RAM.  :)  
But if you have a PC and 1GB or RAM in it, cool.

Remember you will need to do this every time, as the image distributed 
will only create a virtual partition that is about 6MB.  Which really is 
one of the wonders that is m0n0wall.