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 From:  "Manuel Kasper" <mk at neon1 dot net>
 To:  <list at m0n0wall dot neon1 dot net>
 Subject:  pb3r247 released
 Date:  Sat, 1 Mar 2003 14:05:31 +0100 (CET)
Hi people,

pb3r247 has been released and is now available for downloading. Highlights:

- WIRELESS ACCESS POINT SUPPORT! Need I say more? :) At the moment, only
hostap-capable cards ([Mini]PCI and PCMCIA) using the wi(4) driver are
supported, which boils down to PRISM-II and PRISM-2.5 based cards (I guess
most of you use them with net45xx's anyway). I have successfully tested it
with a D-Link DWL-520 PCI (generously contributed by Cliff Skolnick) on a
net4501 and a Z-Com XI-815 CF card (in a PCMCIA adapter) on a net4511.

Client and ad hoc support will probably be implemented in the next
release; I'm not sure if bridging works in client/ad hoc mode, however.
Does anybody know?

Dual wireless cards are supported; I could not test it, though. Someone
with a net4521 please check...

The pccard.conf is the default one from FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE, so most cards
should be recognized. If yours isn't, mail me the identifier so I can add
it to m0n0wall's pccard.conf.

Wireless interfaces can be either bridged to another interface or routed
(i.e. have an IP address assigned and get individual firewall rules). It
is possible to bridge two wireless cards together (one of the cards has to
be configured in routed mode), but then again - I haven't been able to
test that.

BTW, I use the netgraph bridge instead of BRIDGE because the latter did
not act the way I wanted it to (in multiple aspects).

- PPTP client: local/remote IP address can now be specified

- there's now a simple script (/exec.php) in the webGUI that can be used
to execute arbitrary commands on m0n0wall (for testing/diagnostic

- the console now displays what is being done at the moment during bootup

That's it. I've had a serious PHP overdose this week (about 25 hours spent
coding on various project), so I really need to do something else before
it starts to get boring. :)