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 From:  "Suraj K. Rai" <surajrai at mac dot com>
 To:  list at m0n0wall dot neon1 dot net
 Subject:  Firewall rule for NAT related question ...
 Date:  Mon, 7 Apr 2003 19:57:02 +0900

I would like to NAT port 443 (HTTPS) from my WAN interface to a 
specific host on my LAN interface.

I added a firewall rule:

	Proto: TCP, Source: *, Port: 443, Destination: *, Port: 443

but this did not work.  However the following:

	Proto: TCP, Source: *, Port: *, Destination: *, Port: 443

worked.  Can anyone explain why setting the source port to * allows the 
packet in whereas specifying
the source port to 443 does not work?