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 From:  Christiaens Joachim <jchristi at oce dot be>
 To:  soekris dash tech at lists dot soekris dot com, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  RE: [Soekris] Re: Need FreeBSD kernel debugging help....
 Date:  Tue, 10 Jun 2003 17:34:01 +0200
Dear All,

I'm a frequent reader of these lists, and know that there are many
wireless-specialists in here.

Here's my query:

Would it be possible to put up about 40 access points (net 4521 with 2
cards) in a building, serving about 150 - 180 clients (6 a piece max).

Right now, the current cabling (IBM Cabling System) limits the speed to
10Mbps, so any improvement would be nice, but no requirement for all

I was thinking of 811a cards (or 811g, if already available) and m0n0wall
For encryption, I would use the (already) installed VPN solution of
watchguard on all PC's (to our firebox 1000).

Each floor (5 in total) is about 60 by 12 meters. It's a concrete building,
with wooden inner walls.

Use of the clients is mainly AS/400 (telnet), MS exchange server, SMB
filesharing of word and excel documents. No heavy load on the connections.

Is this an alternative or is wireless only interesting for some surfing or

Thanks for ANY reply I can learn from!


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From: Soren Kristensen [mailto:soren at soekris dot com]
Sent: dinsdag 10 juni 2003 12:56
To: Arent Kits van Heijningen[106016.3614]
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Subject: Re: [Soekris] Re: Need FreeBSD kernel debugging help....

Hi Arent,

First, I have a little more info: I can boot an old OpenBSD 2.9 image 
just fine, I had it laying around in my CF module pile....

Arent Kits van Heijningen[106016.3614] wrote:
 > At 2003/06/09 11:37:35 Soren Kristensen wrote: soren> Hi Everybody,
 > soren> soren> I've been working like a madman on bringing up the
 > net4801, but are soren> stalled right now, and need help for
 > debugging with FreeBSD....
 > Have a look at http://www.openbrick.org ( very similar hardware ) and
 > http://www.clustermatic.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxbios ( have
 > encountered similar issues with booting FreeBSD on Geode-based boards
 > ) We ( that's Arie Bikker and me ) have FreeBSD up on an OpenBrick
 > and it boots and runs fine ( using the stock BIOS ) You should give
 > the Linuxbios project a serious shot- if you cannot get by with a
 > standard BIOS ( e.g because you need pre-boot access from/to the
 > serial port ) and do a deep search on its list archives Linuxbios is
 > a project run by the Los Alamos National Laboratory under the
 > auspices of Mr Ron Minnich <rminnich at lanl dot gov>

I think I located that posting about the LinuxBIOS+FreeBSD problem.... 
It seems to be about the missing realmode int's, so it's not the same 
problem that I'm fighting.

The LinuxBIOS do not have the std PC-AT stuff (I do know LinuxBIOS and 
bochs) and also don't have all the special embedded functionality, so 
it's not very usefull for me.... And I'm also not really into using GPL 
code for commercial products.

My BIOS is otherwise just fine, it's probably a CPU/Chipset programming 
issue, not the core BIOS itself.



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