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 From:  "bino-psn" <bino at indoakses dash online dot com>
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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] pb11 is out...
 Date:  Sat, 31 May 2003 09:16:19 +0700
Dear All.

Is there anay monowall version that deployable to a standard X86 board with
single hardisk .. no floppy ?

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From: "Manuel Kasper" <mk at neon1 dot net>
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Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 3:07 AM
Subject: [m0n0wall] pb11 is out...

> Hi folks,
> I spent about 10 hours today working on m0n0wall... and you bet, I turned
> quite a few things upside down! :)
> Here's the one big change:
> - completely reworked DMZ/WLAN interface support. The concept of DMZ/WLAN
> is gone; every interface other than LAN and WAN (which retain their
> special meaning for the time being) is now just referred to as an
> "optional interface" (which may have a custom name assigned to it).
> Wireless interfaces are no longer restricted to specific functions (i.e.
> they may be used for LAN, WAN or optional interfaces). The number of
> optional interfaces is essentially unlimited (you can assign as many of
> them as you have via the console menu).
> And yes, again - as a side effect, this change also means that you can now
> use a wireless interface for WAN. That was by far the most popular
> request!
> You can upgrade any version of m0n0wall to pb11; the configuration will be
> automatically converted to reflect the new architecture (including
> firewall/shaper rules) on the first boot. Filter and traffic shaper rules
> that have interfaces or source/destination networks that don't exist
> anymore (e.g. if you have DMZ rules but the DMZ interface is not set) will
> be removed. Please don't forget to make a backup copy of your
> configuration before you upgrade - just in case...
> I think this change is very important to the future of m0n0wall; now that
> the architecture has been cleaned up quite a bit (I'd still prefer to have
> LAN and maybe even WAN lose their special status, but that would just
> require too many changes at this point), I can focus on the smaller issues
> (time, NAT on/off, etc.). Besides, show me one commercial firewall
> manufacturer (except for CheckPoint) that offers that kind of flexibility
> (and for free ;) ...
> As always, please test thoroughly and let me know of any inconsistent
> behavior.
> OK, that said, there's another thing that's been bugging me for some time.
> I already posted to soekris-tech about this, but nobody seemed to have a
> clue: a few buddies of mine have m0n0walls (on net4501s) that crash every
> few days (anything between 2 and 6 days) - they don't respond to pings
> anymore, and while the serial console still echoes characters, the menu is
> gone, too. They have to be power-cycled to make them work again. I see
> this on the newer of my net4501's (one with the serial double-character
> bug), too, while it has never ever happened on an older box (that doesn't
> have the serial bug, BTW). My buddies' m0n0walls are either from the same
> order as my newer box or ordered shortly after it.
> This happens in three different (physical) locations; the only common
> thing is that all use PPPoE on WAN.
> The interesting thing about this is that in exactly the same situation
> (connected to the same cables and power supply and running the same
> version and the same configuration), the newer net4501 crashes while the
> older one doesn't.
> I also noted that the newer one reports net45xx during POST while the
> older one says net4501 (both at BIOS 1.15). I strongly suspect some
> hardware change has occurred sometime after I ordered the first one.
> I would love to hear from anybody who is experiencing the same issue, and
> likewise, from people who use m0n0wall on a net45xx and have never
> experienced this problem at all (i.e. uptimes > 7 days and especially with
> PPPoE).
> Now go download that release and have fun! :)
> Manuel
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