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 From:  "Greg Sims" <greg underscore sims at earthlink dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Network Access from Dial-Up: Plan B
 Date:  Thu, 23 Oct 2003 09:39:54 -0700
Thank-you to those who helped me get a modem to PPTP connection established
into m0n0wall.  I was able to establish the connection but the performance
is such that the interface is not usable.  I need to move on to "Plan B".

My Plan B is to open a port on the firewall that passes traffic to a
specific host on the LAN interface of m0n0wall.  I thought I would start
with a Big hole in the firewall just to get started and limit the size of
the firewall hole as I gain experience.

I added the following rule to the firewall:

Interface=WAN, Protocol=any, Source=any, Source Port=n/a,
	Destination=Single Host/, Destination Port=n/a, Fragment=null

My understanding is this should redirect any traffic that originates on the
WAN to host

The WAN interface to m0n0wall is a static ip address, let's call it

I first tested host from the LAN side of the network with a ping
which worked.  I then shut down my LAN connection and used a modem to
connect to the internet. I issued the following command: "ping
123.456.789.1".  I believe this ping should be redirected to the
host on the LAN side of m0n0wall.  This host ( should be able to
respond to the ping as there is also a firewall rule that allows the LAN to
go anywhere:

Interface=LAN, Protocol=any, Source=any, Source Port=n/a,
	Destination=any, Destination Port=n/a, Fragment=null

Unfortunately I receive a Ping timeout when I ping the WAN IP address from
the Internet via modem.

Any ideas you have getting this sorted out would be appreciated!