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 From:  Melvin Backus <melvin at sleepydragon dot net>
 To:  "C. Falconer" <cfalconer at avonside dot school dot nz>, 'sylikc' <sylikc at gmail dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Making ISA cards work RE: [m0n0wall] NICs Not Detected
 Date:  Mon, 18 Oct 2004 23:10:28 -0400
At 05:06 PM 10/18/2004, C. Falconer wrote:
>From: sylikc [mailto:sylikc at gmail dot com]
> > m0n0 also has issues with ISA cards, so I hope none of those 3 above are
>ISA cards.  I've not been able to get any ISA cards working with m0n0.
>Theres a trick to that...
>1) make sure the bios is set to NON-PNP
>2) make sure the IRQ allocation in the bios is set to Manual
>3) make sure to free the IRQ that the ISA card is set to.

I actually had good luck with ISA 3com 3C509 cards as long as I set them to 
be PNP.  I normally force them not to be, but m0n0 refused to recognize 
mine until I did so.  Can't say that the same applies to others, but just 
my personal experience.  I agree however, life will be simpler if they are 
all PCI cards.

Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.

Melvin Backus
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