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 From:  David Orman <david dot orman at orblivion dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  powersaving mode (on clients) causing lots of headaches
 Date:  Thu, 21 Oct 2004 20:03:34 -1000

	I finally got my senao ext2 card in (200mw prism), upgraded firmware 
to 1.1.1/1.5.6. I spent all day messing with it thinking there was a 
major problem. Let me explain.

I have a 12" pb I normally use for testing. It was working flawlessly 
with the m0n0wall machine/wireless. Then, I whipped out a toshiba 
laptop w/ integrated wireless, intel mini-pci something or another. I'd 
try to load things, it barely worked sometimes, other times nothing 
worked at all. I spent hours changing firmware revisions etc trying to 
find the problem. Well, unfortunately searching on this list is an 
absolute joke, so that was no help, but I saw something in google 
concerning power saving for an unrelated issue. I said what the heck, 
and disabled power saving mode on the card in the laptop. Walla, 
everything is perfect again. The thing is, with powersaving mode on, 
there was no trouble with my other wireless network (mish mash of 
airport extreme base stations, various cisco 350s and so forth). It 
only has problems with m0n0wall when powersaving is enabled. This is a 
serious issue for me because when I've got 500,000 people attempting to 
login all over this state, and all those with centrino laptops and 
powersaving mode on by default can't connect, there is a problem. 
Unfortunately putting a page on the captive portal explaining it 
doesn't work, since 99% of the time it can't even be loaded w/ 
powersaving mode on. I suspect it's some issue with the freebsd 
wireless drivers, has anybody come up with a fix for this yet? I'm not 
in-the-know when it comes to writing drivers, so I really can't assist. 

I really appreciate your time/input/suggestions, this is a show-stopper 
for me until I can get it resolved.

Thank you as always,

PS - I read somewhere 1.5.6 is the station firmware to use on fbsd 4.x, 
the others only work well with 5.x+. I've also read wireless got a nice 
overhaul in 5.x, and I suspect this issue was probably one of the 
things fixed. Maybe it's worth looking into? I saw a thread on 5.x 
here, and read some people had troubles. I've been running 5.x for over 
a year now on a few of my database servers which have constant 4+ load 
and no troubles. I guess it just depends on your setup. :) 5.x stable 
is on the way for production use though, so it might be a good option. 
Or, at the least, a backport of fixes to the wireless side of things. 
Also, ipf rocks, ipnat rocks, transparent redirection etc. Really nice 
setup. :) At least worth looking into (for the devs).