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 From:  Manuel Kasper <mk at neon1 dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Beta 1.2b2
 Date:  Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:32:29 +0200

Changes since 1.2b1:

- experimental OpenVPN support (contributed by Peter Curran) -> this
will modify the optional interfaces configuration in your config.xml
- backup first!

- Dial-On-Demand for PPPoE and PPTP on WAN (contributed by Peter

- added DHCP relay service (contributed by Justin Ellison)

- ICMP type matching for filter rules

- PPTP VPN login/logout logging

- captive portal: a unique/random session ID is now generated for
RADIUS accounting, and MAC filtering can be disabled for special
topologies (e.g. routed clients); RADIUS accounting port can be

- increased filter state table size to 30000 entries

- RADIUS accounting for PPTP VPN

- HTML page titles now show the host name

- NAT table reset on WAN IP change

- changed racoon proposal_check back to obey after many problem
reports; only remaining difference to 1.1 now: new SAs are preferred
after 30 seconds -> please test and report

- magic shaper src/dst port fix

- TCP idle timeout for the filter is now 2.5 hours instead of the
ipfilter default of 10 days (!) to keep the state table from filling
up with dead connections; this value can be modified on the advanced
setup page

- config backup: file name now contains FQDN and date/time

- fixed maxproc bug in mini_httpd that would manifest itself
sometimes with the captive portal in HTTPS mode

- config.xml hidden options for interface media/mediaopt

- new hidden option "dnsserver" for DHCP service

- changed mfsroot size to 11 MB to accomodate DHCP relay and OpenVPN

- updated ISC DHCP server to 3.0.1.r14

- updated PHP to 4.3.9

- updated racoon to racoon-20040818a