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 From:  Kevin Bowling <kevin dot bowling at wans dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch, info at 24prompt dot de
 Subject:  Re: Netvista 2800 & m0n0
 Date:  Sun, 24 Oct 2004 22:46:21 -0700
I own one of these nice Netvista 2800 with integrated CF-reader (ide). 
Perfect target for m0n0. However, somehow I must have borked the device. 
I am unable to enter the  PXE-enabled BIOS to set it up to boot from the 
cf. I am only able to get into the NS-BOOT titled BIOS. In this 
(functionality crippled) BIOS there is a submenu for setting it to boot 
the PXEBIOS. However this does not work for me. It always comes up with 
that NSB. Oh irony : On the IBM website there are only informations how 
to get into that NSB instead of the PXE. But not the other way..  The 
BIOS is from 2002.

Anybody ?
       I was able to grab 3 of these from work a while back and can only 
say they are awesome for this task.  They have very low power use(~30W) 
and the rare Socket7 Intel Pentium 266MHz isn't too much of a heating 
element yet is speedy.  It runs off some sort of dual BIOS, and to get 
it to boot like a normal PC (off IDE[CF]) you need to set it to "NS  
local workstation" mode.  The network boot expects a DHCP server and an 
IBM propritary kernel to be loaded from an IBM Thinclient Manager 
Environment but I have had no luck in finding this software.  The only 
hardware issue I have experianced is that these things do not like dual 
port NICs.  For whatever reason, if I put an Intel or Adaptec dual port 
in, the power LED comes on but it hangs and never POSTs.  The only other 
card I can think of are the Dell dual ports.   Do you know of where to 
get the BIOS updates?  Mine is one of the older ones as it still 
identifies itself as a Network Station 2800 (identical hardware to the 
later NV2800) which may contribute to the problem.
       If you need any more assistence I can pull out my spare and check 
the configuration I have.  Otherwise maybe you can assist with the BIOS 
updates or thinclient manager software?