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 From:  Jeffrey Goldberg <jeffrey at goldmark dot org>
 To:  Monowall Mailing List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Seeking routing consultant
 Date:  Tue, 26 Oct 2004 13:22:17 -0700
I'm working for a client who has questions that I can't answer, so he 
is willing to bring in someone to help us figure out what we need.

Briefly here is the situation.  The customer is a medium sized business 
in southern California with two sites.

Site G will 2 T1 lines to the outside world.  One is for regular 
network connection, The other is for VoIP and will run into a server 
running asterisk.  The "Internet" T1 will have a public /25 netspace.

Site R will have 1 T1 to the outside world.  That will be split between 
VoIP and regular internet traffic.  Site R will also have its own 
public /25 subnet (we think).

There will also be a T1 between sites R and G.  The provider is SBC.

Each site will have a Cisco 1760 (IIRC) for its outside connection.  
There is also a Cisco 2600 at each site for the T1 between them.  All 
of these have CDU/DSUs.

We would like to maintain a Private Network (virtual or otherwise) 
between the two sites, but would like it to stay up if the T1 between 
the sites fails.  We would also like VPN access from the outside.

We also have two Soekris 4801s with three Ethernet ports, which we 
would like to use for ip filtering at each site.

We believe that we can do most of the configuration ourselves, once we 
have a proper plan, but need the help of someone who already knows this 
stuff to help us develop the plan.  So we are hoping for an onsite 
(probably at site in Rialto, California)
meeting with someone who knows this stuff and can help us do the rest 
ourselves.  Familiarity with SBC, and the other tools mentioned would 
be hoped for.

If you are interested in doing some consulting of this nature, please 
email me off list.  Rates and such are up to the boss, but I will pass 
everything along to him.


Jeffrey Goldberg                        http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/