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 From:  "Chris Bagnall" <m0n0wall at minotaur dot cc>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Speedtouch comments, usb
 Date:  Wed, 27 Oct 2004 16:08:13 +0100
> We've used a Speedtouch from a few months after ADSL was 
> available in England and now my opinion has turned round. We 
> did have worries at first about the thing drawing too much 
> power off USB, but I hear it's been fixed now.

You mention ADSL in the UK, so I'm assuming that's where you're connecting
from. Unfortunately it's something of a problem for folks in the UK getting
*any* device to play nice with router software like m0n0wall - mainly
because the UK uses PPPoA rather than the rest-of-world standard: PPPoE.
This means that your modem is usually responsible for all the authentication
stuff rather than allowing the router to do it for you (which would be the
preferred option).

If you do a search of the list archives (or on google) for posts by me
containing "ADSL" and "UK" you'll see what I mean.

To summarize: the situation isn't a lot better with ADSL-to-Ethernet modems.
I'm using an ADSLNation X-Modem myself, which works, albeit with a few
console commands every time the bloody IP changes. I've had confirmation
from folks using the DLink DSL-300T (a much cheaper device, circa £30 if you
shop around) that the same console commands I've used with the X-Modem also
persuade it to work with m0n0wall.

There is one PCI modem (so I'm told by friends that use it) that plays nice
with Smoothwall and IPCop, think it's available for circa £12 from various
online stores, but I can't remember the exact model number.

Given the choice between all 3 - the PCI one is the "tidiest" solution,
especially where space for routers etc. is at a premium. I generally don't
like the little hardware modem/router combos that you can buy in the shops -
the space for NAT entries is normally too small if you run anything like
BitTorrent for extended periods of time and the things need power cycling
every 2-3 days.

In my experience the advantages m0n0 offers over its competitors (IPCop,
Smoothwall, etc.) are sufficiently important to me that I'll endure the
inconvenience of an expensive (£60), external ADSL modem. However, for some
of my clients for whom space saving is more important than things like the
traffic shaper and VPN connectivity, I have deployed IPCop + PCI ADSL modems
very successfully. YMMV.


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