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 From:  keithy <phat at bigblue dot net dot au>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Help im stupid
 Date:  Sun, 31 Oct 2004 04:29:55 +1000
Hi guys ive been fiddling with traffic shaper for about 4 hours now and 
havnt managed to set up  a working solution. 

 -One monowall acting as gateway bridging  a dm602 adsl modem between  
isp with 256/64k connection (shit i know)
- 2 windoh's dhcp clients hanging of  monowall via switch. Ip/s are
- 0.1 is a dedicated leeching box  utilising  bt  on ports  49152:49170
-0.2  is dedcated to http surfing


-0.1 sucks all the bandwidth 
-0.2 gets no bandwidth , and owner of the connection gets upset  :-)

Attempted Solution

-Created  pipe for 256/64 connection
-Created  queues for bt with weight of 1
-Created queues for ie6 with weight of 100
-Created  a ruleset  utilising   the queues for bt
-Created  a ruleset  utilising   the queues for ie6

no luck , pages wont load on 0.2 at all

Is there a way to configure monowall, so when ie6 on 0.2 is being used 
monowall caps the bandwidth  on 0.1  to say 1k in both directions on all 
applications . And when not being used go backs to its past state .