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 From:  "The Unwanted" <no dot emails dot plz at netvisao dot pt>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Status: Inteface question
 Date:  Sat, 30 Oct 2004 20:58:55 +0100
I've been using m0n0wall since v1.0 and I'm currently using v1.1
generic-pc-cdrom (it's more easy for me to manage, just write it an RW)
I normally avoid using the beta versions, so I don't if this has been
ajourned or not.
I have a cable connection WITH transfer limits unfortunalty, therefore it is
important to me to keep track of how many bytes as transfered in and out on
a monthly basis.
On my personal PC I use DUmeter but this has two big drawbacks:
    1 - Not all traffic comes from my PC (altought the vast majority does)
    2 - Not all traffic from my PC goes to the WAN interface (for example,
PC to PC comunications inside the LAN).
I can check these stats on my ISPs homepage, but they sometimes make
mistakes and I like to keep track of it from my side.
For this purpose I use the Status: Interfaces page on m0n0wall as there is
an "In/Out Packets" item per each interface that also gives the byte count.
Looking at the WAN interface it should give the total packets and bytes In
and Out of the WAN interface.
The problem is that, altough m0n0wall hasn't been reset or made a reboot for
a long time now, from time to this value is reset to 0 and started over.
To sum it; I have to questions:
1 - At which vale does this item reset? Is it a bug? Is it solved or going
to be?
2 - Is it possible to somehow include a small functionality inside m0n0wall
to perform similar to DUmeter, so the total traffic can be accounted?
The second question is more of a "whishlist" request than else.

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