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 From:  Peter Allgeyer <allgeyer at web dot de>
 To:  'm0n0wall list' <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Non passwored graphic
 Date:  Thu, 04 Nov 2004 16:03:33 +0100
Am Do, den 04.11.2004 schrieb Federico Krum um 15:43:
> I would like to have a non passwored page to see the firewall traffic graph.
> This is because I need to give some of my tech staff the way to see what is
> going on with it without giving them the firewall password.
> Is this simple to implement? I think so because most of the code is already
> done.
Simply use mrtg [1] or ntop [2]. For firewall issues (live stream of
blocked or allowed packets) take a look at fwlogview [3] or use one
of the firewall log summarizer found on freshmeat [4].

Ciao ...
	... PIT ...

[1] http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/
[2] http://www.ntop.org/
[3] http://www.nothrix.org/computing/fwlogview/
[4] http://freshmeat.net

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