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 From:  "Andrew \"Silver Blade\" Greenwood" <lists at silverblade dot co dot uk>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] 3 x NIC - "local server"
 Date:  Sun, 07 Nov 2004 11:57:53 +0000
1) I believe it is possible. Just set up a traffic shaping rule that 
specifies the destination as the 3rd NIC's subnet.

On my network, for example, I have these on m0n0wall:
192.168.0.x - LAN
192.168.1.x - WAN (goes to router/modem)
192.168.2.x - Wireless LAN (OPT1)

The wireless LAN isn't up at present, but I could attach anything I 
wanted to that interface.

I could then set up a traffic shaping rule using the 192.168.2.x subnet 
as the destination, and assign it to a pipe with whatever limitations I 

Note that you can often just select "LAN Subnet" or "OPT1 Subnet" to 
save typing in a specific subnet.

(I think subnet is the right term, I could be wrong...)

Depending on how many clients there are, I'd say divide the bandwidth 
available on the AP by the number of expected users. For example, an 
11mbit AP with 11 users would equal 1mbit per user (or 128 KBYTE per user.)

2) You can *not* use the same IP range used for the LAN. If you want to 
cause possibly more confusion for yourself, you can use a subnet mask 
other than /24 to achieve something similar (/25 for example might give 
you to and another network of 128 - 255.)

It's therefore easiest to just do something like I have - 192.168.0.x 
and 192.168.1.x

Peter Parnican wrote:

> Hi, in this moment im using just 2xNIC (LAN, WAN).  I want have a 
> server (just ) where can all users copy their files. (mp3, movies etc.)
> So, for this case i'll add one NIC... (it should looks like DMZ)
> And here are my questions:
> 1,  Is it possible to do traffic shaping between local users 
> ( and local server (WIN XP - PC) ?
> All local clients are conected wirelessly so this traffic regulations 
> is very important because the file transfer will done over one AP.
> Internet
> |
> m0n0 --- local server (WIN XP - PC)
> |
> AP ----( ---- etc.
> 2, Which IP address for the third NIC will be best choice? Same like 
> others LAN?
> All suggestion are welcome.
> Peter
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