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 From:  JobOberio - My List Mail <mylistmail at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Ad Blocking in m0n0wall
 Date:  Thu, 11 Nov 2004 02:23:50 +0800
> MHO, the hosts file is solution works but is ugly!
> Whatever feature you add to m0n0wall:
> 1) it consumes more and more memory;
> 2) it takes a lot of time to be parsed by PHP.

i believe by implementing an option to have hosts file for m0n0wall
is great! its an **added** feature just like anybody else which you can
use it or Not use it. its your choice right?
if you dont want to use it then its fine, for people who wants to have it
its a big help.

> 1) You aren't giving your users the *choice* about whether they want
> ads/porn/whatever blocked. I think this is really important - if I'm
> blocking ads I want people to know that they're being blocked, 

people have a choice, they can go to other providers that are open for all
if they dont want to be blocked. The most important thing here
is you as an admin has a choice to turn it on or not.
i'd say turn it ON cuz spywares are trashed!
they dont do good.

>3) Getting Squid to do it on a dedicated machine is faster. I've an XP1700+
>(hell, it was cheaper than a PIII, even second-hand ones) running as a
>"network services" machine for the sort of things that m0n0 doesn't do -

yes no one can argue that, 
again... why would theres DHCP server builtin in m0n0wall
if you can get a dedicated dhcp server, right?

its the feature that were talking here. a feature to have m0n0wall
to allow host file is an added bonus and an added **powerful/more features**

by implementing a host file will help those m0n0wal users that uses
powerful pc and use the extra cpu power.

i love m0n0wall because of its feature :)

dont you want guys to have another feature added to m0n0wall?