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 From:  Chris Buechler <cbuechler at gmail dot com>
 To:  James Steven <jsteven at redlinesoftware dot co dot uk>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] No GUI since enabling IPSec
 Date:  Fri, 12 Nov 2004 19:24:05 -0500
On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 11:41:02 -0000, James Steven
<jsteven at redlinesoftware dot co dot uk> wrote:
> Further to my last mail, I have installed the updated version 1.11 of
> Monowall on another computer but cannot browse to the webGUI for that
> either.  Are there any IE settings I can change that might enable access to
> it or has anyone any other suggestions?
> Thanks for any help.
>  have recently been trying to configure a VPN and have enabled IPSec on
> Monowall with various settings to test my setup.  However, since enabling
> IPSec the GUI froze and I have not been able to browse to it since.  Now I
> cannot ping the LAN NIC but I can ping the WAN NIC and internet access and
> email seems to be unaffected.  What can I do to bring back the GUI and
> disable IPSec?

No settings changes in your browser are required.  If you can't ping
the LAN interface you aren't going to get to it.  Not sure how you can
ping the WAN without being able to hit the LAN.  You either have your
client IP configuration messed up, or your LAN IP on your m0n0wall
wrong, or maybe the NIC's plugged in wrong or something like that. 
Really sounds like IPsec is a coincidence and that you messed up
something else somewhere.