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 From:  Roberto Pereyra <freebsd at gualeguaychu dot gov dot ar>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Bridge with the new version
 Date:  Mon, 3 Nov 2003 09:13:13 -0300
hi all !

Now (with the last version) I can bridge LAN and WAN interfaces ?



On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 10:03:07PM +0100, Manuel Kasper wrote:
> After working on m0n0wall for about 10 hours today, I'm happy to 
> announce that m0n0wall pb19r535 is now available for downloading. Among 
> many other small changes, three contributed patches have been 
> integrated (listed in the order they were submitted in):
> - Petr Verner's "more-advanced advanced outbound NAT patch"
> - Bruce A. Mah's filtering bridge patch
> - Jim McBeath's filter rule patch
> Guys - thank you for contributing!
> All these patches have been modified a little to suit my tastes - I 
> especially found my fulfillment in tweaking the last one to make it as 
> self-explaining, simple, consistent and beautiful as possible. ;) It 
> was really about time that m0n0wall supported "block" rules, so kudos 
> to Jim. Thanks also to Bruce for figuring out why bridge(4) wouldn't 
> behave as expected (because it needed to be compiled into the kernel - 
> the module doesn't work properly).
> OK, so here's the change log:
> - block rules are now supported, the rule order can be changed, logging 
> may be enabled per rule and rules may
> be disabled individually
> - filtering bridge support (see Diagnostics: Advanced page)
> - destination for advanced outbound NAT is now configurable
> - removed ng_bridge code, always use bridge(4)
> - fixed ping/syslog to hosts on optional interfaces
> - fixed interface status display when 1:1 NAT mappings are defined 
> (subnet mask)
> - static routes are no longer lost when modifying 1:1 NAT entries
> - print a warning on the console if a newer configuration file version 
> is found than the current m0n0wall version was designed for
> - upgraded system to FreeBSD 4.9
> - upgraded MPD to 3.14
> - some cosmetic HTML fixes
> As this is quite a huge amount of changes for just one version step, 
> there may be some bugs left (as always)... I'm sure the user community 
> will notice and report (and fix?) them as they show up. :)
> Note that bridging behavior is now slightly different than before - 
> even when the filtering bridge is not enabled. You now need to add a 
> filter rule on bridged interfaces if you want to access the webGUI (or 
> other services on m0n0wall itself, for that matter). e.g. if you have 
> your wireless interface bridged to LAN, you must add a rule to pass 
> traffic on WLAN to m0n0wall's LAN IP address in order to access the 
> webGUI from WLAN.
> Since it is now possible to specify block rules, the rule order has 
> become relevant. Rules are no longer auto-sorted by port and other 
> various criteria anymore. You can use the up/down arrows to reorder the 
> rules, as well as the "+" button provided next to each rule to insert a 
> new rule right after the one in question. If you want to painlessly add 
> a rule at the top of an interfaces' rule list, use the "+" button at 
> the very bottom (the one that has always been there). Of course, if you 
> only use pass rules (as in earlier versions), you obviously don't have 
> to worry about rule order.
> Well, this will have to do for a while - I can't afford to spend a 
> whole day working on m0n0wall every week. ;)
> - Manuel
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