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 From:  "listman listman" <savethelist at hotmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  USB Support
 Date:  Mon, 22 Nov 2004 23:02:20 +0100
Hi one and all,

This is my first posting to this list, after getting married to m0n0wall, 
some 7 days ago,

This is the first firewall application that i meet, that got my approval 
within hours of meeting each other, i tried most of those buggers out ther, 
Bearing Leaf, Smoothwall, Cayote, ClarkConnect, Dachstan, Freesco, etc, of 
which i ended up sticking to Leaf, but after i saw Cayotee, i knew it was 
time to divorced leaf, but Cayotee, just didn't hand the firewall options i 
needed, but i feel for the graphical configuration, but just 3 weeks after i 
found m0n0wall, and we we married within 2 hours.

I fnally diviroced Leaf after 4 years off marriage...shame on me...(well, do 
hope i made the right call)

Now, my problem..
I have a moving van, which i do road trips with, and i figured it would be 
nice to have m0n0wall, installed on me laptop, and use it as 

I tested it with the following cards...
Xircom 10/100CC (ce3b-100btx)
Xircom 10/100+modem (cem56-100)
Xircom RealPort 10/100 (re-100)
Xircom Adapter IIps (ps-ce2-10)

and the alll were recognized, by the pcmia bus, but not the Network 
So i read most of the archives, and the best option i found was by a poster 
name "Joey Morin"
but, the way to get that work was to much work for my poor brains, so i 
opted to spend some money on a USB ethernet card.

Reading the website, it stated that most cards are supported in m0n0Wall 
that are supported in BSD, but in Joey's article, he said it's mostly the 
wlan card's

So i tend to agree partialy with him, cause my xircom's are indeed listed on 
the FreeBSD site,

Now my question, before going out and purchasing that new USB card, can 
someone, as to give me a list of tested USB ethernet cards that works with 
m0n0wall, and pros and cons, of using the USB ethernet, if their are any..

Once again, this is a nice package, thumbs up to mr. Manuel, and all the 
developers on this community, that made this package so great..

So, far i see, that my new wife will be very faitfull to me, i love her 
Graphical display of the traffic leaving and coming, what would be nice is 
some kind of tcpdump tool, my wishlist.


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