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 From:  "Morten Paulsen" <mup at paulsen dot tv>
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 Subject:  RE: External ip and gateway on difrent subnets how to make route
 Date:  Fri, 26 Nov 2004 08:08:46 +0100
THANKSSSSSSSS it works weeee and yes i have a D-link DSL-300T
But the strange thing is that I have a static ip on the WAN site and not
But what do I do to make this routs stick.
And what is this patch about?

TANKS in advanced.


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Subject: RE: [m0n0wall] External ip and gateway on difrent subnets how
to make route

> LAN------M0n0Wall------WAN (Modem PPPOA)
> Wan ip is 217.157.188.xxx
> Wan gateway is
> Wan DNS is
> Subnet is
> All pushed bye the ISP via DHCP

This sounds very similar to the issues I had getting ADSL to work here
the UK with PPPoA. If you search through the archives you should find
of information about the subject.

Firstly, what modem are you using? If it's something like an ADSLNation
X-Modem CE or a D-Link DSL-300T, you could try the following console

route delete default
route add default -interface -link fxp2

Substituting fxp2 with the interface name of your WAN side.

If that works, you could use Adam Wilks' excellent patch so that these
changes are automatically applied every time the WAN IP changes.


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