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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Allocate a dedicated amount of bandwidth to one host?
 Date:  Sun, 05 Dec 2004 10:46:41 +0100
Dual pipe is hard solution, without possibility borrowing bandwidth between them. My experiences are
You can create one pipe for all traffic, but if you create queues you can create one queue for VoIP
with priority forexample 10. The another queue you create for PC traffic where uses the some pipe
and this queue will have priority 2.  WHat happens. My pracise is, that PC load some files from
internet and suddenly VoIP starts communicate, traffic of PC is stopped or is minimal and VoIP has
full stream. If VoIP is ended communicate PC traffis starts  continue. There is interesting, if will
you create queue for PC traffic with priority 4 /so no 2/ traffic between PC and VoIP will be
divided 3:5. If pripority 10 for VoIP is not enough you can then number increase to whatever you

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> Datum: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:34:48 +0000
> Predmet: [m0n0wall] Allocate a dedicated amount of bandwidth to one host?
> Hi,
> I have a VoIP box sitting on my LAN that uses an internet based PSTN 
> termination provider..
> I have tried the standard traffic shaping setup and created two queues 
> (one high priority and one low priority) and put all the VoIP traffic 
> through the high priority queue and everything else through the low 
> priority queue but this hasn't really helped, if a phone call is in 
> session and a pc downloads something the voice breaks up badly..
> Is there a way to guarantee an amount of bandwidth to the VoIP host so 
> that no matter what the other PC's on the network do there will always 
> be enough bandwidth for the VoIP to operate??
> Or am I really waisting my time trying to manage this over the internet 
> where there is no control anyway? (especially since its inbound traffic 
> that I am trying to manage.. As well as outbound obviously)
> Any help or input appreciated..
> Thanks..
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