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 From:  Phill R Kenoyer <phill at bmg50 dot com>
 To:  'M0n0Wall' list <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Bridging firewall.
 Date:  Tue, 14 Dec 2004 14:36:14 -0800

I have my firewall up and running.  It's a bridging firewall, so I had 
to do the WAN -> OPT1 setup and let LAN dangle.

I have a Soekris board with two ethernet ports and a PCMCIA card slot.  
I could not find a ethernet card that would work in the slot, so I 
stuck a wireless card in there.  I set the LAN IP to and gave 
it some bogus BSS info.  I setup the WAN bridged with OPT1.  Enabled 
the bridge filtering, turned off NAT, turn off all the other stuff.

Then I setup my rules to block everything and allow only the ports I 
wanted.  Blocked outgoing SMTP except to my mail server (thwart those 
dam spam viruses).  Opened up a big block if ports for vid'ea games, 
for my customers.

Works great!  I can use my entire public C class now instead of NAT and 
one IP. I can blocks the ports I want to block, allows the ports I want 
to allow, and it has a nice traffic graph to boot.  I see now that I 
need to get another T1 as I'm reaching 1.5MB on my single T1.

I'm happy to get m0n0wall working on my firewall.  Sad that I can't use 
it for my Wireless Access Points, but hey...can't have everything.  If 
I can get rid of the wireless card it would be perfect!