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 From:  Ira Snyder <iwsnyder at csupomona dot edu>
 To:  Josh Davis-Ryan <joshdr77 at hotmail dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] feature request and a bug
 Date:  Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:11:22 -0800
To get the dynamic name working, you should be able to do it with the 
Services > DNS Forwarder Page.  At the bottom, you can add records to 
override ones that come from the internet.

Host      Domain          IP            Description          
irasnyd   homelinux.com  irasnyd.homelinux.com correction   

And that fixes is so that it just works from inside and outside.

Ira Snyder

Josh Davis-Ryan wrote:

> im new to m0n0wall and im very impressed.
> the first router dist used was clarkconnect, and i got fed up with 
> RPMS so i moved to my custom gentoo router. i decided i wanted a new 
> dedicated router and wated bsd* running on.
> went to google bsd router [enter] and m0n0wall came up.
> havnt looked back
> feature request:
> *a page which displays total weekly, monthly bandwidth usage - as many 
> ppl have capped internet.
> *a page which displays bandwidth used by each each mac assigned dhcp 
> address or dns forwarded name
> *this is the scenario:
> i have a webserver located behind m0n0wall on 8002
> i have forwarded traffic from WAN:8002 to
> forwarding works ok :) form the outside
> in the lan, when i point my browser to http://sivad77.ath.cs:8002 <- 
> it does not work
> i have to goto <- this is pretty annoying
> it would be nice to use my dynamic name :) - maybe i didnt set 
> something up right :S
> *the ability to change the port of which webgui operates on
> *seeing i have a 3gb cap, i usually run out of bandwidth 2 weeks into 
> each month, i my net get capped to 3.6kbs - therefore i turn pics off 
> in my browsing to speed up news reading etc.
> the add, edit etc pics dont have alt="edit" etc, which is a pain in 
> the ass - u can still use it as blank squares come up, and u can tell 
> what does what through the address
> bugs:
> *i changed the mac address on the wan card (very nice feature), and 
> the internet stopped working, as when you setup the router u select 
> which card does what via the mac address in the console.......changing 
> the mac address didnt update this automatically, and i spent 30mins 
> wondering why my net went down :(
> great work! best router OS i have used. shits on clarkconnect, but 
> clarkconnect has a different target audience.
> ps - exams are nearly over, as of tomorrow, and i will be willing to 
> help with the project. i dont have many skills, but im eager to learn :)
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