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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] IPsec tunnels question
 Date:  Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:32:40 -0500

I also have issues with the tunnel only being brought up from the remote
network side. There also seems to be no way of forcing the tunnel to stay
up without providing it interesting traffic from the remote side. I can
extend the life of the tunnel somewhat, and put a script on the remote
side to do a ping to the near end every so often, but it still doesn't
solve the issue.

I hope there is a resolution to this issue in the future, or perhaps
someone can chime in with a better answer.



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Subject: RE: [m0n0wall] IPsec tunnels question

>The first paragraph sounds correct. On one side you need to do the 
>tunnel tab, on the other side you need the mobile clients and psk tab. 
>In your case you'll want the central office to be the mobile clients 
>and psk tabs since that has the static IP. This is a normal setup, 
>since the central office "accepts" mobile clients and the remote office 
>"tunnels" into the central office.

Thanks for the tip Josh.  Seems to work great with the limitation that the
tunnel can only be brought up from the remote network and not from the end
with the static IP.

Thanks again, Roy...

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