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 From:  "Tixe Exit" <tixe at tixe dot com dot ar>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  IPSec VPN
 Date:  Fri, 14 Jan 2005 04:21:58 -0300
Hi  i have some questions, how i can do to traffic the Netbios packets
between both point, with IPSec VPN into m0n0wall ?.

I haven on one point m0n0wall, and the other point, linksys RV042, and the
VPN work fine, via TCP/IP i can see the other hosts, via ping, or Terminal
Services, o http, but via netbios not, and i need that, to can use some
workstation to validate they accounts into a Windows 2000 AD server ( behind
the linksys is the 2000 AD and behind the m0n0wall are the Wks ).

After the VPN work, i added a rule to permit the traficc from the LAN Subnet
in to the linksys end point, to m0n0wall, a rule into WAN interface, and the
some rule into LAN interface, that says, permit from Linksys Subnet, any
protocol, any port, to LAN Subnet any protocol, any port, but a cant resolve
via netbios protocol, and in to the Linksys RV042 router i mark permit the
netbios packets, but into m0n0 i not see nothing to that, i'm using the las
m0n0 beta.

And other little thing more, i think that is a very good option, include
into m0n0wall VPN options (ipsec, and OpenVPN) the option where say remote
gateway subnet IP, that permit a FDQN or Domain Name, becose if the remote
point have a dynamic IP, is to hard stay changin the remote IP gateway every
time that it change.

Thank's a lot, and m0n0wall, really works fine, i like it, i come from,
Coyote Linux, and SmothWall, but m0n0 really works fine :).

Thank's again and so sorry for my poor english.