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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Performance question
 Date:  Thu, 20 Jan 2005 10:18:35 +1100

Don't know...Put it this way, when America's Army 2.0 came
out, many routers like those Linksys ones failed because of
the ridiculous number of connections the game made when
you started the game and played online.

When I say failed, I mean they locked up and required a reset.
Some were fixed via flash update, and others were never fixed.
(A typical home router has a capacity of 255 concurrent connections)

Back then, I explored various firewall distros along with M0n0Wall.

Through Gnatbox Light (a commercial-based floppy firewall based
on FreeBSD, but restricted to 200 concurrent connections), I found
that the game required just under 200 concurrent connections just
to play one online round! (A typical round goes for about 10min)

To play the game for hours and be able to surf and email on other PCs
within the LAN, I tried Linux-based CoyoteLinux and M0n0Wall.
I went with M0n0Wall as I had little Linux knowledge at the time
and was afraid if I'd screw up, I might introduce a security issue to
my network.In any case, it was way more than 200 concurrent

Anyway, I think the number of connections you can throw at
M0n0Wall is quite a bit. Compared to typical router solutions
for home users, you have more CPU and memory to play with,
and its not surprising that folks out there can use M0n0Wall on a
far larger network.

I guess you should go to google.com and search for something
like => test maximum number of concurrent connections

But I don't think you'll find a definite answer. It'll depend on your
settings and configuration of your M0n0Wall that will determine
your max number of connections your "firewall PC" can sustain.

Atm, I can have 3 PCs doing P2P and 2 playing on America's
Army without a problem, I'm sure it can do more. (Have 128MB
RAM on a Celeron 366Mhz, since that's what I had lying around).

If you know what you're doing, you can setup a few PCs and
network it to the M0n0Wall box to try and simulate the max
number of connections your box can handle just to get a rough


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> I have replace my linksys home router with the M0n0wall runnig on some
> old hardware I have and I think it is faster. The main thing is I think
> it can handle more conections that the linksys router but can not be sure.
> Does anyone know of a way to test this?
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