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 From:  "Chris Nottingham" <chris at thewebgeek dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  m0n0wall on Intel Netstructure 7110 (success)
 Date:  Mon, 24 Jan 2005 08:55:01 -0500
I stumbled apon m0n0wall last week and after reading about it, I decieded to try and throw it on
this old Netstructure box that I've had sitting under my desk for some time now.  After opening it
up to see what it had inside, I found it to be just a Teknor telecom board with a PCI riser card. 
The system has 256MB of RAM, a pentium II 233, and the Netstructure firmware was running off a 32MB
CF card.  The motherboard itself had 1 NIC, and there was a second NIC in the first PCI slot along
with the Rainbow SSL Accelerator card in the second PCI slot.
After getting some help from the local linux expert with getting the image onto the flash card, we
threw it back into the netstructure and powered it up.  Lots of flashing lights, but nothing else. 
We tried plugging into the serial ports, but nobody was home.  Unfortunatly, by using the generic PC
image on a system with no video output, I was unable to know if it had booted at all.  I tore out
the Rainbow card and replaced it with a generic S3 video card, and to my suprise, I was greated by a
m0n0wall configuration menu.  Everything was going great till we realized that the only PS/2 port
this system had was apperantly dead, or a mouse port.  After poking around on the internet, I found
that making a jumper change on the board would turn the PS/2 port on and put it into keyboard mode. 
Once I got the interfaces assigned, I was able to use the web interface and configure it.  I ripped
the video card out, threw in a 3rd NIC card and closed it back up.
The only request I have is a generic PC image that sends all console to the serial port.  And that
is just me being lazy about popping in the video card if I need to do configs :-p  Other than that,
this is one awesome firewall.  Great job and I look forward to using it more.