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 From:  Aaron <lists at mycommunitynet dot net>
 To:  'm0n0wall' <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Limiting connections to local network
 Date:  Thu, 3 Feb 2005 10:49:14 -0800
Hello all.

I am not a real network guy, but I have been using m0n0wall for quite 
some time for a small network of mine. It's rock solid on a Soekris 
4501. It's been great!

Today I have a new use for it where I work at school and would like to 
see if it can do what I am looking for (I think it can, but I don't 
know how)

I have a SMB and AFP share which needs to be shared to a number of 
people. I have a computer which sits on a large university network 
comprised of computers all with public IP's sitting in xxx.yyy.0.0/16. 
I do not want people outside of this network to be able to connect to 
the shares but would like to keep current public services on the 
machine available (I have SSH and apache running which I use for off 
campus uses). M0n0wall would be restricting connections to the SMB and 
AFP services to IP's from a range of IP's (xx.xx.0.0/16) while 
hopefully not interfering with connections to other services. The 
network connection would be a 10Mb ethernet connection.

Would a filtering bridge work (or be appropriate) for this. Would an 
old pentium 133 be able to handle a 10Mb conection or would I need 
something faster? How about a P3 450? Athlon 800?

Any hints on how best to go about this? I think that m0n0wall should be 
able to do this. I just need to learn how. Any help would be most