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 From:  CHRISTOPHER HOEY <mrprometheus at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Dynamic addresses and port forwarding.....
 Date:  Sat, 5 Feb 2005 20:53:04 -0500
First off thanks to Manuel for creating such awesome software and also
a huge thanks to everyone on the forum answering the countless
questions we have. So now I have another question for you regarding
dynamic dns and port forwarding.

Here is my previous setup which works and I can revert back to and it
still works:

I am Running TZO Dynamic IP Relay service on my webserver. I use this
because I have Optimum online so not only do I have a dynamic IP
address but port 80 is blocked. So I have TZO configured such that my
website http://www.mydomain.com forwards to my dynamic ip and to port
8082 after all that we get to my box at http://mydomain.com:8082 all
automatically. This goes one step further in that I have been sharing
my connection with a Linksys router. The router is setup so that DMZ
is set to the internal ip of my box of and port
forwarding is setup for 8082 to go to This setup has
worked for a few years now and I can revert back to it now and it
still works. The question now is how to get this working with
m0n0wall? I have done a decent amount of research and playing with
settings all resulting in no luck.

Here is my new m0n0wall setup to mimic the behavior of the Linksys router:

WAN: set to DHCP to get my public ip address
LAN: with DHCP enabled for the other users of my network
DMZ: with static addresses such as my webserver at

WAN Rules:
   *       *  *        *                 *
TCP     *  *  8082
   *       *  *     *

DMZ Rules:
   *       *  *        *                *

Inbound NAT:
WAN   TCP    8082

So here is my issues and additional info:
From any where on my network accessing loads
my website no problems

Going to http://www.mydomain.com or http://mydomain.com:8082 or even
http://currentdynamicaddress:8082 does NOT work

So I suspect DNS problems???
Any suggestions or info?
Thanks everyone.