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 From:  Jan Walzer <j dot walzer at itcampus dot de>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  OpenVPN - CRLs
 Date:  Wed, 09 Feb 2005 11:43:47 +0100
Hi List, Hi Peter...

OVPN and m0n0 are (mostly) working like a charm, but I can't deploy it
yet, because, there are still two things, bugging me.

The Current Config I'm using is, that I have multiple
Hardware-Interfaces, some VLANs and one OVPN-Server in TAP-Mode.

1) (minor) is, that after a reboot the IP of the ovpn-Device becomes
reset to the 1st IP of the defined IP-Range and not the one, that I
defined in the Interface-Properties. After a reboot I always have to
open the Interface-page and press save, to have it reconfigure the IP.
BTW: The Interface-page for the ovpn-device doesn't show up in the
Main-Menu, but can only be opened by going
to /interfaces_opt.php?index=x (where x is atm 4, but this might change
depending on the hardware-interfaces)

But these are only minor things, that can be worked around, and will
(probably) sooner or later get fixed. What really stops me from
deploying the setup is, that

2) There's no support for CRLs in opvn-m0n0 yet. I would be happy
enough, if I could somehow care myself for transfering the files to the
box, and if I had somehow the possibility to throw any
parameters/options to the ovpn-binary on start. There are a lot other
options to ovpn, that the Interface doesn't reveal.

If there was a simple Inputfield where I could throw the parameters, I
would be quite happy, and I would try to transfer CRL-file the box to
care for regular updates.

Even better would be an option in the page itself, giving an (https?)URL
where the CRL could be retrieved from (There are no security issues on
this case, as the m0n0 will share a mgmt-net with the Box, that will
supply the CRL).

Is this something, we can discuss about? 

BTW: OVPN is releasing RCs on a weekly basis, it seems, are you able
catching up with this?

Greetings, Jan

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