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 From:  Jesse Guardiani <jesse at wingnet dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: Re[7]: Horrible performance..
 Date:  Wed, 23 Feb 2005 00:45:08 -0500
Scott Nasuta wrote:

> Hello Manuel,
> Tuesday, February 22, 2005, 2:46:20 PM, you wrote:
>> Well it's possible that something has been fixed in the xl driver
>> between FreeBSD 4.10 and 5.3... so try 1.2b5 and get back to us. :)
> Just a quick follow-up. The new 1.2b5 works MUCH better for me. I am
> getting about 1700kbs now (to a speed test site) which is similar to
> what I usually get, though Still way short of my record of 3400kbs
> (through pfsense nontheless) not too long ago. But I sense this has to
> do with my ISP and it's "all-over the map" speeds they supply me with
> (I have 5mb Cox cable which I never have seen that high anyway).
> One thing I did notice with the new 1.2b5 vs the older versions is
> that my Memory Usage percentage has climbed to 45-50% instead of the
> low 30's I was getting with 1.2b3.
> So the new FreeBSD 5x based m0n0wall has made the difference for me
> and most likely is the reason pfsense was fine out of the box as well.
> Out of curiousity I will do some ftp transfer tests tonight through
> m0n0 and straight to internet to compare if I am losing speed with
> m0n0. One standard for performance I have is Madden Football online. I
> play alot of Madden so I know by now its speeds etc. I was getting 130
> ping times (REAL good) with pfsense (I get about same 130 straight to
> internet) and I logged on today with m0n0wall 1.2b5 and I got 330 ping
> times and they slowly dropped to the 250-260 area and never got
> better. One time means nothing so I will monitor these over the next
> few days as well.
> Ohh, some poking around in the Firewall BIOS and I noticed that BOTH
> NICS PLUS the Vid card are using the same IRQ (11). Does this matter
> and could effect performance?

Yes and Yes.

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