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 From:  Matchstick <matchstick at oofg dot com>
 To:  Manuel Kasper <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re[2]: [m0n0wall] Beta 1.2b5 Firewall/Traffic Shaper problem
 Date:  Wed, 23 Feb 2005 07:44:49 +0000
On Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 6:32:29 AM, Manuel Kasper <mk at neon1 dot net> wrote:

MK> On 23.02.2005 00:19 +0000, Matchstick wrote:

>> I'm running using filtered bridging on a WRAP board and it appears
>> that if I turn Traffic Shaping on (irrepective of whether any rules,
>> queues or pipes have been set up) then the inbound firewall rules
>> that I've set up on the WAN interface are ignored.

MK> Try

MK> sysctl net.link.ether.bridge.ipfw=0

MK> on /exec.php and see if it makes a difference.

MK> - Manuel


I've just tried that but I'm afraid it doesn't seem to have made any
difference. For me at least, it appears the rules are still being
ignored if the Shaper is on.


 matchstick at oofg dot com