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 From:  Michael Mee <mm2001 at pobox dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] 1.2b5 and Atheros a/b/g
 Date:  Sat, 26 Feb 2005 23:42:32 -0800
Manuel, the only gotcha I found (that I haven't seen reported) was that 
I can't select the 802.11a channels - just Auto - as the dropdown only 
has channels 1-14.

FWIW, I've tried both a Soekris 4511 and WRAP 2C with a 2511MP+ EXT2/CM9 
and 2511 miniPCI/CM9 respectively and it all seems to work just fine.

Below is the step by step I used to verify the 802.11a functionality on 
the WRAP board. My approach was to make the 'b' card be an 802.11b 
client to my main AP hooked to the internet and I let the ethernet port 
be LAN and configured the CM9 to ba an AP. After the following config 
steps I could connect to the CM9 on channel 36 and surf the net as 
expected (i.e. my laptop connected via its 802.11a/b card to the CM9 on 
the wrap board which then routed packets to the 2511 card which was 
associated with my main AP).

Here are the steps:

+ downloaded the WRAP version of m0n0wall, wrap-1.2b5.img
+ installed the CF and two radio cards
+ plug a cable into the (only) ethernet port
+ wait for DHCP to assign via ethernet
+ logged in via ethernet at

Enable both radios
+ clicked on Interfaces -> assign
+ clicked on the (+) circle

Configure so 'b' radio is a client to my AP
+ made WAN be wi0
+ made OPT1 be ath0
+ clicked Save
+ clicked on Interfaces -> WAN
+ right at the bottom under Wireless Config, set Mode to BSS, put in the 
SSID of my main AP, unchecked "block private networks"
+ click Save

Configure so 'a' radio becomes new AP
+ click on Interfaces -> OPT1
+ check 'Enable Optional 1 interface'
+ set IP to
+ set 'Standard' to 802.11a, Mode 'Host AP', SSID 'socalfreenet/aa', 
Channel Auto
+ Save

Enable DHCP on OPT1
+ Click Services -> DHCP Server
+ Click the OPT1 tab
+ check "Enable DHCP server on OPT1 interface"
+ Set Range to -
+ Save

Add a rule to allow OPT1 access to WAN
+ Click on Firewall -> Rules
+ Click on LAN
+ Click on (+) next to existing LAN rule to clone it
+ change Interface to OPT1
+ change Source to OPT1 subnet
+ Change Description to "Default OPT1 -> any"
+ Save

Reboot: Diagnostics -> Reboot -> Yes

Hope this helps!   michael